Degree Programs in Education, The College of Education

Staff and Faculty

Name Official title Research fields Detailed Description of Research Field
Hirofumi Hamada Professor School Management School Management in the U.S.A. and Japan, Teacher Education, School Improvement
Hodaka Fujii Professor Educational System and Organization Educational System and Organization
Kiyoshi Karaki Professor Social Studies Education Civic Education, Learning for Social Participation, Service Learning
Mari Kokubu Professor Social Studies Education History Education, Education for History of Japan-Korea Relations, Historical Education in Modern Korea
Masami Isoda Professor Mathematics Education Mathematics Education, Epistemological and Cognitive Researches such as Understanding and Emotional change in classroom, Mathematics History and Teaching with Technology
Naohiro Higuchi Professor Teaching Method Teaching Skills, Research on Teaching, Critical Thinking Education, Primary-Secondary Consistent Education
Susumu Otani Professor Educational Planning Historical Studies of Educational System in Japan, especially about Secondary and Higher Education
Teruyuki Fujita Professor Career Education Career Education, Educational and Vocational Guidance
Yoshinori Shimizu Professor Mathematics Education International Comparisons of Mathematics Education, Cognitive Analysis of Mathematical Thinking, Assessment in Mathematics Education
Yoshiyasu Ida Professor Social Studies Education Social Studies Education, Geography Education, New Zealand Studies, Comparative Education between Japan and other, Countries, GIS in School Education
Hyunjin Kim Associate Professor
Kotaro Komatsu Associate Professor Mathematics Education Argumentation and proof in school mathematics; Task design and design-based research in mathematics education; Use of technology in mathematics education
Kuanysh Tastanbekova Associate Professor Comparative and International Education Language education policy for indigenous, immigrant and ethnic minority; Multicultural education; Education policy in Central Asian Republics; Education policy of international organizations
Maria Tanaka Associate Professor Moral Education Moral Education, J.J. Rousseau’s Theory of Education
Naomichi Makinae Associate Professor Mathematics Education History of Japanese Mathematics Education
Takanori Ueda Associate Professor Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Adult and Community Education and Lifelong Learning in East Asia, Educational History of Modern China
Tetsuo Kyomen Associate Professor Career Education, Special Activities Special activities ,Student Guidance and Counselling,Career Education
Tomoko Tokunaga Associate Professor Sociology of Education Sociology of Education, Anthropology of Education, Comparative Education, Immigrant and Education, Multicultural Co-existence, Border Crossing, United States, Ethnography
Yoko Yamamoto Associate Professor Science Education Biological Education Environmental Education
Yuji Hirata Associate Professor History of Japanese Education History of Education in Modern Japan and Nationalism, Orientalism, Colonialism
Yuki Osada Associate Professor Language Education Education on School Subjects and Activities Communication Education
Yusuke Hirai Associate Professor Philosophy of Education Philosophy of Education,Citizenship Education
Noriko Kimura Lecturer School Education, Curriculum
Hikaru Katsuta Assistant Professor Language Education ・ Japanese language education ・ Reading instruction ・ Children's literature
Kaori Kikuchi Assistant Professor Comparative and International Education Globalization and Education, Education Policy in the UK, Citizenship Education, Education for Immigrant Children, Education for International Understanding
Masashi Asakura Assistant Professor Teacher Education
Shingo Nahatame Assistant Professor Foreign language education English language teaching, Reading in English as a foreign language, Psycholinguistics, Corpus linguistics
Shizuko UMETSU Assistant Professor Comparative Education Comparative Education, IB education
Tanaka Rei Assistant Professor Curriculum Studies Curriculum Studies, German Didactics (Allgemeine Didaktik), Educationalization/Pedagogization of social problems (Pädagogisierung sozialer Probleme)
Wakana Kawakami Assistant Professor Moral Education Moral Education, Education in France, art education, Relationship between art and moral
Yuichi Furuta Assistant Professor Educational Policy and School Improvement Educational Policy and School Improvement
Yusuke Endo Assistant Professor Science Education Education on School Subjects and Activities Science Education The Aims and Objectives on Science Education, Science Education in Germany
Asumi Ono Other
Eishi Komaki Other
Hironori Hayase Other
JaYeon YANG Other