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Message from the Program Leader

Message from the Program Leader

The current Degree Programs in Education at the University of Tsukuba are launched in April 2020 in the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences. The new programs have combined and integrated various former degree programs related to education. The Degree Programs in Education reconciles tradition and innovation in a cutting-edge research university. The programs trace up the family tree of the University of Tsukuba from the Tokyo Higher Normal School founded in 1872, with the Tokyo University of Education as its immediate predecessor.

Programs are designed to accomplish the following goals: ・To enhance students’ skills to become highly specialized professionals with a global vision and the ability to conduct advanced research ・To form a global research hub for future-oriented education practitioners and researchers To reach the goals above, systemic curricula have been developed, and well-prepared lectures and seminars are deployed, by taking advantage of the strength of the university that values interdisciplinarity and internationalism and also its accumulated achievements through history since the foundation in 1872.

The Master’s Program in Education is comprised of three subprograms corresponding to the current research trends while taking over the knowledge and discernment developed both in practices and researches inherited in the academic lineage of education in Japan. The researchers and practitioners in the fields of education today are required to understand the significance and roles of education in a pleiotropic structured manner in relation to human behaviors, social development, and contemporary educational challenges spreading on a global basis, to conduct researches through well-chosen methods of academic approaches in the various branches of education. Our Master’s Program exceeds such expectations and cultivates the talents of future researchers, practitioners, and other highly specialized professionals in education, fully capable of conducting researches to solve the multifarious challenges and difficulties that educators and learners encounter.

Our Doctoral Program in Education is a global hub that discloses the essence of education, analyzes contemporary educational challenges, and further deepens education researches. It fosters creative researchers who contribute to education combining both traditions in the academic lineage of education in Japan and innovation leading the new academic culture. In contemporary society, the nature of education is stipulated by various complex global factors, and it is hard to precisely understand and solve the educational issues and challenges we face. The Doctoral Program is comprised of many fields of specialization engaging in the study of education and cultivates talented researchers who can confront contemporary educational challenges. It provides doctoral dissertation guidance under a cooperative system while respecting each expertise. One of the great advantages of this Doctoral Program is the encouragement of research exchanges with top researchers in universities, research institutes, and other academic organizations across the country, many of whom are the alumni of our university.

Yoshinori Shimizu
The Program Leader of Education

May 1, 2021